It Cuts Like A Laser!

If it’s personalized design you’re looking for, you can’t go any better than laser cut.


Laser Cutting is a form of modern manufacturing that uses an intense, focused beam of light to cut through or engrave almost any material. Laser-cutting began as an industrial application, originally designed to accurately cut tools and machinery parts. Now it extends to all kinds of different materials like wood, metal, acrylic and paper.

Using computer-based technology, a powerful laser cuts or engraves into the chosen material and the cut away areas are discarded. The path of the laser beam is controlled by a computer, which interprets a digital file – such as an Acrobat PDF file, or even a JPEG image.


Using the laser to cut paper is a safe, contact free process that can be completed without changing the color or the surface texture of the material. And although it might not sound like it, laser cutting is a craft in itself – requiring a skilled, hands-on operator to make the most of the process.

This technique is particularly popular with wedding invites, but the possibility to use it is endless! Company catalog, business cards and many more!

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