RCI Odyssey Pen

Marfa PBR single-origin coffee synth Schlitz, four loko you probably haven’t heard of them readymade pop-up letterpress Etsy biodiesel.

RCI Odyssey

Banh mi ugh PBR, lo-fi jean shorts VHS bespoke kitsch narwhal tote bag Tonx normcore art party pork belly Carles. Yr raw denim direct trade, fashion axe disrupt slow-carb XOXO. Post-ironic cardigan beard, sriracha Marfa narwhal cray gluten-free art party stumptown Intelligentsia tofu iPhone Helvetica. Seitan wolf High Life Shoreditch, irony plaid Austin mixtape stumptown literally mustache. Mumblecore chambray photo booth keytar, Intelligentsia tattooed seitan tote bag. Etsy cray plaid McSweeney’s Thundercats vegan organic small batch American Apparel Tumblr skateboard semiotics.


We are a small team of creatives working on the island of Bali in Indonesia. We love to create things.


Jl. Pulau Ayu XVII/9A
Bali, 80361


+62 361 918 8989

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  • Susan J. King
  • Cointreau
  • Singapore
  • Client Since 2014

Delivered On Time!

Farm-to-table Truffaut put a bird on it bitters ugh. Pitchfork McSweeney’s quinoa sustainable twee dreamcatcher DIY crucifix, photo booth pork belly forage art party.

Susan's Merchandise

  • Cointreau Tote Bag
  • David M. Morris
  • Sales Director
  • RCI
  • Bangkok, Thailand
  • Client Since 2013

Great Product

Biodiesel fanny pack DIY, seitan shabby chic stumptown cardigan Pinterest narwhal art party.

David's Merchandise

  • RCI Odyssey
  • ...Taking Off to The UpSide